Postgraduates Take an Action in Jawa Pos Campus Expo 2010

Post Date: May 5th 2010, 10:11:57

Narotama University once again followed a yearly Jawa Pos Campus Expo which held in Convention Hall Tunjungan Plaza. Narotama was one of the center of attraction since its stand was luxurious. The visitor was made curious about what was the inside of Narotama University.

A friendly consultant from Graduate studies was there to give explanation about the program. It was a success, since many people wanted to know more and the chance to gain potential market was in hand.

Campus Expo itself was not only in promotional purpose but also functioned to predict customerĂ¢€™s trends and expectation. May Narotama University could always up to date to fulfill customerĂ¢€™s needs.(A!)

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