BAN PT Visitation to Narotama University

Post Date : May 5th 2010, 10:03:43

According to BAN PT letter, dated April 23rd 2010, number 0068 / BAN-PT/S2-II/IV/2010, Master of Law program will be visited by BAN PT on 9-11th of May 2010. The assessors are Prof.Dr. Marsudi SH, LLM and Prof. Dr. Setiono SH, MS. For that purpose, staffs of Postgraduate studies prepare the Self Evaluation data and Master of Law Portfolio completed with its physical evidence.

This visitation is meant to elevate the service quality, as the slogan said Ć¢€˜A Total Quality UniversityĆ¢€™. Chairman of The Course, Dr. Maarten L. Souhoka SH, MS said that he is optimistic the visitation will be a sweet fruit for Narotama University since everything has been well planned and prepared. (A!)

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